Simple, shareable, team-focused and expandable threat hunting environment

Malware Defense / Network Defense / Incident Response


Every tool and APIkey for first steps in threat hunting progress joined in a single and simple interface

TheTHE has a web interface where the analyst starts its work by entering IOCs that will be sent to a backend, where the system will automatically look up for such resource on the various configured platforms in order to obtain unified information from different sources and access related reports or data existing on them. Furthermore, any change in the resources to be analyzed will be monitored.

Everything is executed on a local system, without needing to share information with third parties until such information is not organized, linked, complete and synthesized. This allows that, in case the information must be analyzed later on any other platform (such as a Threat Intelligence Platform), it can be done in the most enriching possible manner.

More than 20 plugins available and a very easy to make even more yourself! Easy installation, local, remote or LAN. Use our instructions to build your own plugin. Store your APIKeys in a centralized server. Build your own features!


Download From GitHub (is open source!)